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PUE VP PROFDOM provides services in the construction of foundations, basement floors, basements for residential and industrial buildings. We are building the foundations in the entire territory of the Republic of Belarus. Our clients can order the construction of a foundation on a turnkey basis or one of the stages of work.


  • Departure of specialists to inspect the site.
  • The choice of type of foundation, taking into account the features of the site.
  • Construction of a tape-type foundation
  • Construction of the foundation of a pile-type house with rostock.
  • Construction of the foundation of a country house with a basement and a basement.


  • Quality control at each stage of construction of the foundation under the house.
  • Service of the European level.
  • A differentiated approach to each client, we build the foundation for the house only after a careful study of the features of the land.
  • A flexible system of discounts and bonuses for the construction of a foundation.
  • The possibility of a phased payment, including when providing services "Foundation on a turn-key basis"
  • Professional team of employees.
  • High level of quality, confirmed by a five-year guarantee period for foundations in suburban construction and the erection of industrial buildings.


In its activity, PUE VP PROFDOM is guided by the principles of conscientiousness and impeccable quality. Our company is aware of the measure of responsibility to future generations, because together with the foundation, the strength indicators of the entire building are laid. We build the foundation in strict accordance with the normative and legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, SNiP and GOST, using quality materials. Each stage of the construction of the foundation for the house is strictly controlled by our specialists.

Our company is distinguished by respect for customers. We organize our activities, guided by the principles of openness and goodwill. Entering into a dialogue with the client, we operate with exact figures, real indicators and measurements of the foundations in suburban construction. Transparent information policy helps to establish a constructive dialogue, make the right decision when choosing the type of foundation in construction, choose the optimal materials.


  • SNiP 0-01-94 "System of normative documents on foundations in the construction of buildings. Basic provisions ».
  • SNiP 3.02.01-87 "Earthworks, foundations".
  • SNiP 2.01.15-90 "Engineering protection of territories, buildings and structures from hazardous geological processes. Basic design provisions ».
  • SNiP 2.02.01-83 "Bases of buildings and structures".
  • SNiP 2.01.07-85 "Loads and effects".
  • GOST 27751-88 "Reliability of building structures and bases. Basic provisions for the calculation. " With change 1. BST # 3 from 1994.
  • SP 50-101-2004 "Design and installation of foundations and foundations of buildings and structures."

To get additional information about our services, to clarify the terms of the contract for the construction of the foundation of a country house or industrial building, you can by phone, listed in the section "Contacts" or in the office of our company.

PUE VP PROFDOM carries out the construction of the strip foundation.

The foundation tape is a concrete strip, passing along the perimeter of the building and repeating its contours. Design, calculation, construction of banded foundations is regulated by the norms of TSN 29-85, TSN MF-97MO.


Tape foundations are a universal base. Most often they are used for the erection of low-rise buildings with reinforced concrete slabs with slabs, heavy walls made of brick, stone, concrete. The construction of banded foundations is necessary for the construction of houses with cellars, underground garages, basement floors. It is advisable to build a strip foundation under a wooden house with the danger of deformation of the base on the podzynisty soils. To increase the rigidity of the walls during the construction of the strip foundation under the wooden house, the foundation is further strengthened with continuous reinforced belts.


National teams. They are installed from several reinforced concrete or concrete blocks. The main advantage is high speed and easy installation.
Monolithic. Are made of concrete with the help of formwork. At the bottom of the structure is placed armature and thermal insulation. Monolithic foundation tape is more labor-intensive in assembly than prefabricated, but it is characterized by high reliability and durability.


  • Preparatory work. The erection of the base begins with the marking of the site, excavation of trenches. The depth of the bookmark is calculated in accordance with the type of supporting structures: shallow, deeply buried. The thickness of the strip foundation depends on the material, the magnitude of the load on the foundation, the thickness of the walls.
  • Reinforcement. For standard construction on weakly hempy soils, reinforcement with a different cross-section is used depending on the functional load. When erecting bases on heavily grooved soils, longitudinal and transverse reinforcement is used in accordance with GOST 5781-82, GOST 6727-80.
  • Installation of formwork. At this stage, boards from edging boards or laminated plywood are joined in a solid box, reinforced with spacer pins, bars, pour the ground for reliability.
  • Pouring concrete. Pouring is carried out on gutters, then concrete vibrate and cover from the sun, full strength concrete picks up in 28 days.

For more information on the construction of a basement for a wooden house, a building made of bricks, stone, concrete, you can get it from our specialists at the numbers listed on the website.

PUE VP PROFDOM offers design, calculation and construction of a slab foundation using safe, reliable, modern materials, in accordance with SNiP 2.02.01-83, TSN 29-85, TSN MF-97 MO.


Solid foundation plate


Plate foundation refers to the most reliable structures, constructed under the entire area of ​​the building. This is a solid or lattice slab of monolithic reinforced concrete with rigid reinforcement on the entire supporting surface. The foundation plate is characterized by increased resistance to loads in the spring-autumn period, when the ground is subjected to constant freezing at night and thawing during the day. The construction of a slab foundation is recommended to be carried out on problem soils, subsidence and puffiness, and also at a high level of groundwater. The slab foundation perfectly protects the basements from moisture, its water resistance with proper installation of the waterproofing reaches 100%.


The work begins with digging a pit, then it is rammed, a layer of sand and gravel is placed on the bottom. The construction of the foundation includes the laying of the waterproofing material on which the reinforcement is mounted. Then concrete is pumped into the pit. On the slab obtained, a monolithic strip foundation is built under the bearing walls of the building. Subsequently, the slab foundation can be used as a basement floor.


The price of the slab foundation is quite high, it is associated with significant costs for large-scale excavation, the cost of concrete and reinforcement. Often, designers to reduce the overall price of construction work offer to mount a strip foundation and separately make the floor in the basement. However, such a design does not provide reliable waterproofing and is susceptible to drawdowns. Probably, the preliminary calculation will show that such an option is financially more profitable, but in the future problems are inevitable. Therefore, if a slab foundation is recommended for the study of the site, the calculation of soils shows that the groundwater is too close, then do not save. Make the right choice, the price of the error is too high. The foundation plate belongs to reliable and durable structures. The cost of the plate foundation in the PUE VP PROFDOM is calculated individually, taking into account the characteristics of the soil, the scale of the project and other additional factors.

To order the calculation of the plate foundation, conclude a contract for cooperation and get additional information on the price and construction, you can call the phone number listed in the "Contacts" section.

PUE VP PROFDOM carries out the construction of pile foundation with grillage. The company is guided by SNiP 2.02.01-83, TSN 29-85, TSN MF-97. The warranty period for all types of work associated with the construction of the foundation is 7 years.


A pile foundation with grillage is recommended to be used if the house is built on weak grounds, when a significant load from the building should be transferred to denser layers lying at a depth. It is recommended to build a pile foundation with grillage on sandy or weakly patchy soils. Preliminary examination of the site, designed for the construction of the house, allows you to choose the most optimal type of foundation in each case.


The pile foundation with grillage consists of separate piles, covered with reinforced concrete or concrete slab (beam). Grillage combines the top parts of the piles when pouring and serves as a support for the erected elements of the house. There are foundations:

  • Prefabricated;
  • Prefabricated-monolithic;
  • Monolithic.

The grillage can be high (transferring the load to piles) or low, located below the surface of the ground (transmitting pressure to the base). To ensure high flexural rigidity of the foundation of wooden or panel houses, the height of the grillage should be from 40 to 60 centimeters. The width of the grillage of the pile foundation is determined on the basis of the construction of the walls and the first covering of the house. When building a stone house, the height of the grillage is 20-30 centimeters, and its width should coincide with the thickness of the walls.


The grillage part of the pile foundation, located above the ground surface, allows to reduce the consumption of concrete, necessary for pouring, reinforcing bars. The foundation significantly lifts the walls of the house above the ground. The minimal contact of the pile foundation with the ground ensures a reduction in the thermal losses of the building several times. A pile foundation with a reinforcement frame significantly reduces the level of vibration transmitted from closely located highways or railways. The pile foundation gives less shrinkage, it is more economical and labor-consuming, it allows to reduce considerably the volume of earthworks during construction.

To obtain additional information on the construction of a pile foundation with grillage, conclusion of a cooperation agreement, you can call + 37529-606-77-11

PUE VP PROFDOM carries out the construction of the basement and basement, guided by SNiP 2.02.01-83 "Bases of buildings and structures", SNiP 31-02 "Residential apartment houses", TSN 29-85, TSN MF-97. The warranty period for the constructed basement and basement in our company is 5 years.



In order to begin the construction of the basement floor, we will need a house project, in which the basement project is also displayed. If you do not have a basement basement project, our designer will design your dream house with a basement house project. The construction of the basement or basement begins with an engineering assessment of the complexity of the hydrogeological conditions on the land. Which is determined on the basis of engineering and geological surveys where the type of soil is indicated, its properties are revealed, the depth of freezing, the location of aquifers, the level of flood and groundwater. Based on the data obtained, a draft of the future basement or basement is drawn up, the cost of future work is calculated, the project and estimates are agreed with the customer.


After signing the contract, PUE VP PROFDOM transgresses to the construction work on the erection of the basement floor. The construction of a basement with markings starts, where the basement of the basement is attached to the site. Further, during the construction of the basement, a pit is excavated. Its dimensions should be deeper than the floor level of the basement floor. In order to be able to establish the formwork of the walls of the basement, the pit should be wider than the basement base plate by one dead per side. The soil at the bottom of the excavation is compacted, a sand and gravel pillow is equipped. The concrete preparation 50-80mm, on which the waterproofing is applied, is laid from above. It mounts a reinforcement frame of two grids with a pitch of 200 mm, after which this structure is poured with concrete, this is the foundation plate. On which later the construction of the walls of the future basement is carried out. The walls can be made of concrete foundation blocks or monolithic concrete on a reinforcing cage.

The construction of the basement is completed by the installation of floors from reinforced concrete slabs serving both the floor of the ground floor of the building and then works on the organization of ventilation and waterproofing of the premises. The construction of the basement involves the work on the installation of the basement waterproofing. Our company uses only reliable modern materials in the construction process. To prevent groundwater from getting to the ground floor, a blind is made along its perimeter, gutters and rainwater gates are installed that divert water to the drainage system. When constructing a basement, a properly equipped waterproofing provides 100% protection of walls and ceilings. As a result, the optimal humidity level is maintained in the basement.

To get additional information on the construction of the basement and basement in PPUE VP PROFDOM, to order preliminary research on the site with the departure of our specialist to the site, you can call + 37529-606-77-11